Tilpasset Teppe

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High quality ball rug which is handmade from felted wool. It fits nicely into almost any interior.

The rug is sewn tightly together to ensure that both sides of the rug can be used.

The rug is free of harmful chemicals and is handmade in pure organic wool from New Zealand.

For custom ordering, please contact us for size, shape (square, rectangle etc.) and the color of the rug you are looking for. We will be back soon with available colors and price. We will do everything to ensure that you are satisfied with both quality and price.



Carpet is a durable design product. The design and craftsmanship are of very good quality. The best materials combined with advanced craftsmanship ensure high quality and functionality, and stylish, robust design that will be a daily delight to the eye.

Vacuum Your Ball Blanket:

Wool is dust-repellent by nature and can withstand daily use. This makes the carpets quite easy to clean.

Regular vacuuming and shaking is still important to remove dust particles from your ball blanket. If you can see some fine dust particles under the balls on your brand new ball blanket, this is just the soap that is silted during the felting process. This is completely normal and will go away after a while.


Do Not Leave Your Carpet Standing In Wet Areas:

It is not recommended to lay the rug in wet places. If you accidentally spill liquid, we recommend that you wipe it off as soon as possible.

Soap water can also be used. Then gently press several times with a sponge or cloth until the stain is removed. Do not press or rub the balls hard.